Hello. My name is David Alexander. I will act as your guide in bringing your company's information to the world wide web. With over ten years experience in all things web, I will personally help you create focused information that will help sell, educate, and reinforce your business and/ or services.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from the Art Institute in interactive design, and have been designing, developing, filming, editing, and animating ideas for many years for a broad range of small to medium sized businesses. As you may have read on my site, the way of the future in website development is responsive web design. This means one site that works across all devices, phones, TVs, tablets, and computers. If you decide that RWD is not what you need, I can build a standard website for you.

Feel free to call or email, and we can set up an in office meeting to go over your needs. If you live outside of the Springfield/Hammond area I may be able to travel to you.

If you are an employer who would like to interview and hire me as a full time employee, shoot me an email and I will send out a current resume. At this time I am open to full time in house employment, and will bring my A game and years of multimedia skills to your team.

If you need any consulting, or help with technologies in your home, know that I am personable and able to explain things in non technical manner which is easy for anyone to understand.

Call me today! 985-415-8201

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