The Process

I personally work with each client to figure out what the best plan of action is. By getting to know your businesses goals and expectations, I am able to lay down a road-map for your site's success.

Stage One

The first phase is discovery where we take an inventory of assets for your site and break all of your information down into manageable sections. At the completion of the discovery phase you, the business owner will need to provide images and content for the site.

Stage Two

The next phase is design/ development. Once I have received all of the content the overall look and feel of the site is solidified. Then development starts. As the site is built out there will be testing stages in which the site and content flow is checked and tested.

Stage Three

The final phase is SEO and testing. Once the site is tested across multiple devices it is uploaded to a server, either yours or one I provide, and your site goes live for your potential and current clients to use.